Marking the release of their my-god sixteenth album on Friday at Home Sweet Home, Sonic Youth brought out a few bands to play covers of their own songs and wear great outfits and pretend they didn't like talking to reporters. Pictures by Nikola Tamindzic and our story continues.

There were also some famous friends, like punk lady photographer Richard Kern, and a kombucha-drinking semen-selling film director we won't name because he'd "lost his confidence in his own image," and of course Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore, too. It was all so very adorable and self-conscious, and a band half my age stole the show.

Jemina Pearl and Thurston Moore. Their last notable collaboration was a cover of The Ramones' "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker" for little Jenny Humphrey's guerilla fashion show on Gossip Girl. Hardcore, yes, but he laughed so we know he knows it's ridiculous! Jemina, formerly of Be Your Own Pet, told the story of the battle she just got into with "some French African guys — they were African, but speaking French" the night before. "I got beat down to the ground!" she said! Smiling! "You're too cool for that shit," assured Thurston.

We have additional Thurston Moores available to take your call right now.

Ada, 13, with "just a Coke!" her friend assured, as mom (in stripes, cutie glasses) looks on. Her band went on about a half hour later.

Richard Kern and Michael Lavine. Kern was all shy about going off to shoot very willing naked ladies in seven cities. It's for a European cable show in a sure to be messy collaboration with Vice. Lavine, who shot a (clothed) Sonic Youth back in the day, was way more bouncy about his photo book "Grunge" coming out in the Fall — doing nothing to dispel the notion that the 90's are dead dead dead to us, yes, but unlike some people, he was basically there.

Ada and her brother Ivan are: Tiny Masters of Today.

Don't ask Ada about her braces. She's also big in Japan.

Steve Shelley, drummer, Sonic Youth.

Nadia Koch and Kristin Vincent, of Home Sweet Home.

Peace. Plaid. Whatever.

Jemina with Brynne, revolution girl style (very tiny brass knuckles).

Ivan. However cute, it was a rock show.

With rock show love.

And a couch where you could crash, homosexually.

Jamie Peck and Matt Harvey, New York Press. [If we were Sassy, this would be in a little squash-fonted sidebar down the bottom of the page — Matt sassed me for not id'ing him in a photo at some bougie rooftop party. Here, he rocks his indie cred. Are we good now, Matt?]

Leanne Marshall, indie goddess winner of 2008's Project Runway, has earned her right to that scarf.

If we were Raygun: "the future of rock?" but because we are not: "the future knows anything we write over their band photo is lies, so what, let's let them just Twitter it."

Kim Gordon. She came in flanked by two girl-pixies who made it seem just horrible to get too close. (Should I ever need security, I will so go that route.) When I asked her what she thought of the crazy age-mixed-up crowd, she said you all looked fantastic.