We know — oh how we know! — that racist commenters can be found everywhere. But asking loyal readers of Fox Nation — Fox News' attempt to create a classier version of Free Republic — what they think of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor seems like an especially bad idea.

Bill O'Reilly and other right-wingers like to rely on the lunacy of the commenters at Huffington Post, Daily Kos and other sites to paint the whole enterprises as violent, thuggish, angry, etc. In that spirit, here's what some loyal Fox News viewers from the "real America" had to say about Obama's Supreme Court nominee:

Jbohn2 had the good sense to redact that naughty word, but forgot to redact the vile racism! Also: Technically, she's a fucking New Yorker. Her parents are fucking Puerto Ricans.

This racist gets points for the fart joke, but tragically repeats the same common racist error that tripped up Jbohn2. Burritos are a Mexican and Central American culinary treat. Puerto Ricans don't do burritos, which is why you can't get a good one in New York City.

This one makes clever reference to one of Sotomayor's more controversial cases, which invalidated a firefighter's exam because it had a disparate effect on non-white test-takers. Little known fact: It's not actually racist to say black people are lazy so long as you anticipate someone else calling it racist and then end it with an dismissive comment in ALL CAPS.

As none other than O'Reilly himself teaches us, the presence of the above comments on a Fox News web site makes it a virulent hate site that traffics in smears and hate and filth, just like the Huffington Post. Here's O'Reilly explaining precisely why Fox News is a racist organization:

There are dozens of other vile comments available for your reading pleasure on the Huffington Post. Apparently, Arianna Huffington, the woman who runs the site, has no problem with publishing hate speech. Ms. Huffington has the power to remove this trash immediately, but she chooses not to.

Incredibly, some Americans still do not understand how powerful the Internet has become in a very short time. Many of us are also unaware of how hate speech is flourishing on the net. The haters can post their threats and defamation anonymously and can attack at will with no consequence. Instead of wearing white hoods, these despicable people hide behind a machine.

Defenders of the political Internet sewer say freedom of speech is the issue. But that's a canard. Hate speech is hate speech, whether it's being spewed by some nut wearing a Nazi armband, or some gnome hunched over a keyboard.

People like Arianna Huffington should be taken out to the village square and publicly scolded. Their enterprises diminish this country, and nothing good can come of that.

(Yes, we know that these could very well be trolls just fucking with people and trying to make Fox look bad. In which case it's working!)