So the Republicans are going on the offensive against Barack Obama with a lame web ad harking back to an awesome campaign ad a Democratic president made successfully painting his Republican opponent as a dangerous, unhinged warmonger. Yay!

The ad is about Guantanamo Bay, and how Barack Obama is trying to close it, but Senate Democrats are all assholes who are now trying to block that. It is a legitimate point, that Senate Democrats are assholes, but how this helps the Republican party, to point out that all the major debates about governance in this country are happening on an intra-party basis completely excluding the so-called opposition, is unknown.

Also what the hell does this have to do with the Daisy ad?? They cut out the damn mushroom cloud so there is literally no message here beyond "a little girl can't decide something, and Harry Reid is a dick." But, you know, we probably shouldn't pay any attention to web ads, because they are only designed to be written about, not to be watched by humans.

Meanwhile, in yet more "Harry Reid is a dick" news, the Washington Post reports the startling news that hey there are already terrorists being held in prison in the US, alongside all the murderers in the supermax prisons. HARRY REID WILL NOT ALLOW CHARLIE MANSON TO LIVE AMONG US.