Richard 'Dick' Parsons is fallible, after all! The (married) former Time Warner boss and most popular black man in corporate America after Vernon Jordan has a (formerly) secret love child, with a much younger model:

Parsons' lovemistress is MacDella Cooper (pictured), a model who also runs a charitable foundation dedicated to helping the poor children of Liberia. Cooper is 32; Parson is 61. He's been married for 30 years, and he has three kids with his wife.

Cooper gave birth last August, according to a source, who said Parsons will support the child and has set up a trust fund for her education.

Neither Cooper nor Parsons would comment to George Rush, who broke the story. But this will obviously take a bit of sheen off of Parsons' relatively spotless reputation for probity. (Or make every other major CEO identify with him more, who knows?).

Parsons' name was kicked around after Obama's election as a possible member of the "celebrity cabinet." Parsons said he wasn't interested at the time. Maybe he didn't want to go through the background checks?

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