Larry King was the guest on the Daily Show last night promoting his book, My Remarkable Journey. The entire segment consisted mainly of King and Jon Stewart jostling back and forth over whether or not King is truly a degenerate or not. It was great.

Stewart's "degenerate" argument was derived mainly from a chapter in the book where King details some of the seedier aspects of his life back in the late 60's and early 70s. In short, he was a gambling addict, a lover of the ponies, and he wasn't afraid to rip off a few people here and there to feed his addiction. Thus, Stewart's degenerate label. King did get a nice shot in as well though, making note of Stewart's short stature while on the subject of horse racing and saying, "You could be a jockey." Zing!

And did YOU know that Larry King was in the White House with Bill Clinton the night Vince Foster killed himself in there?! We didn't!

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