Working for Bonnie Fuller, who created the glossy gossip age at Us Weekly, was always a challenge. But since she was fired from her job at Star-publisher American Media last year, the only place she's had to aim her mercurial celebrity theories is her Twitter followers.

Full disclosure: I once worked for Bonnie Fuller and last night I had a reminder of what it was like to sit in her office as she dreamt up stories. Fuller stumbled across a picture of Angelina Jolie on the red carpet at Cannes wearing a dress that had some fabric bunched across her stomach. That can only mean one thing: Totally preggers!

If Fuller was still in charge of a magazine, once she had spotted this tell-tale bit of ruching, a dozen or so employees would be dispatched to find anything — body language experts, astrologists, a hotel bartender who saw Jolie sipping club soda — that would back up Fuller's conclusion. Now, her musings are limited to a Twitter account and a lot of people who used to work for magazines would choose to follow Fuller's orders over their current unemployment.

If and when Fuller's women's web site gets off the ground and you end up taking a gig there (hey, a job is a job these days) consider this a preview of what will ruin your night or weekend.