Michael Saylor has written in with corrections to our item on him yesterday. The MicroStrategy CEO was was not in Cannes this year, as Page Six had it. And we used an old, fat picture!

Saylor was keen to point out he has lost about 30 pounds in recent years. We used the most recent picture available on Getty Images, shot at a June 2005 party for Capitol File Magazine. Saylor, a longtime bachelor and almost-as-longtime careful-groomer of his media image, helpfully sent along a more svelte shot, included in the before/after spread above.

Saylor also notes he does not own a Gulfstream G4, the vehicle Six had him taking to Cannes. That makes sense: he fell off Forbes' billionaire's list in 2001, after losing a record $6 billion in one day, and has yet to return, so a plane priced at around $15 million would probably be too rich for his blood. (Although his data-mining software company seems to be awaiting delivery of several planes; it has reserved three registration numbers with the FAA.)

Saylor's full correction follows below. Given his reported penchant for nine-hour indoctrination sermons, we applaud its efficient brevity and are less frightened of future communication.

And here's Saylor in full-length slender glory, just to show we appreciate his new look: