Rachel Maddow is gay, a fact that she's rendered uninteresting, unremarkable, and normal by casually dropping details about her private life on her show, as she did again last night.

During the banter in the show's final segment, Maddow launched into a story with "You know when I first got together with Susan..." her partner. And while it shouldn't be noteworthy for a cable anchor to discuss her crazy nightmares about her girlfriend's "40-year-old" cat walking around on its hind legs back when they first started dating, some people need help seeing gay people as regular folk, so it's nice to see.

But there is still a relationship in Maddow's life that she needs to come clean on: Her "pop culture" sidekick Kent Jones, who is precisely as funny as you would expect a former writer for Air America's Unfiltered to be. What do you owe him, Rachel? What does he have on you? What are you hiding?