Heir to the NYT throne and lowly metro reporter A.G. Sulzberger heard someone say: "This is the Cage. You have to seriously be a baller to come here." A.G. Sulzberger is one such baller!

They young media heartthrob broke free of his normal diet of boring stories to attend a controversial fancy fashion event at the legendary West 4th St. court The Cage:

Herb Williams, an assistant coach and former player for the Knicks who was at the event, said he had never played on the court, but admitted watching others. "Some of the best players in the world play on this court," he said.

No wonder you never played there then Herb Williams, zing! Is what A.G. Sulzberger said on the inside. When the wack party was over A.G. got down to business—the business of balling. Exclusive video of the future media mogul at work: