Celebrity spawn news! New York magazine has used a fair and impartial process to hire new interns, and one of them happens to be Steven Spielberg's son! Allow him to introduce himself [UPDATED below]:

Hello everyone,
We have a new intern starting today:
My name is Theo Spielberg. I am a Los Angeles native but (clearly) I love
New York City. I am a rising senior at Yale University, studying comparative
literature. Since as long as I can remember, my main interest has been music
- playing it, watching it be played, writing about it, thinking about it
etc. In high school I discovered a similar passion for writing, and have
been pursuing creative and journalistic writing ever since. I look forward
to spending an awesome summer here at New York Magazine.
You can reach him at [TOP SECRET CONTACT METHOD]

He starts today! Research on the infallible internet reveals that Theo is the adopted son of Spielberg and Kate Capshaw, and he has six brothers and sisters. Hopefully he will find Manhattan to be more "band-centric" than shitty New Haven, where the music scene sucks. We've emailed Theo to find out more about his internship, and we'll let you know what we hear. Do you know any other celebrity kids doing media internships? Email us immediately.
Non-celebrity students are also free to apply for New York internships!

UPDATE: NY Mag spokesperson extraordinario Serena Torrey responded to our email to Theo, because "Company policy prevents interns from responding to external press inquiries." She says he's an editorial intern and referred us to the job description on their site, which indicates that right this moment, Theo may be engaged in "database production, fact-checking, research, reporting, and writing," for $7.15 per hour. Which is more than Donald Trump's making from the media, hey-o!

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