Last week we identified Luisa from Rio as the probable lucky future journalist who's the $13,000 high bidder on a (priceless) Huffington Post internship in a charity auction. Then she emailed us! Meet her:

Why did she bid on this blogger-tunity?

Ariana Huffington is my God (should that be Goddess?) and I bow down to her. Writing for free is not enough for me. I would like to pay her to allow me to write. But seriously, The Huffington Post is a good place to be seen and is a good place to start a writing career. And after all, charity is good! I don't know why you're so against it on your website. Perhaps you're forgetting the charity aspect.

What does she do, in the remainder of her time?

What do I do? Right now I'm taking a few classes. I also like to write. Right now I'm a correspondant for The Anti-Green Movement blog.

What is it she loves about Arianna so much?

The Huffington Post is just alright. I don't like it how famous people think they are a knowledgeable source of information when they are not qualified at all. (*Cough* Jim Carrey in his article for Jenny McCarthy *cough*) I do like charity.

So, may we ask how you make your money, given your generous charitable proclivities?

No, you can't ask.

Sadly Luisa has deleted her Twitter page now, but let's be clear: we fully support this outrageous value being attached to a worthless unpaid blog internship. If this thing succeeds there is no limit to the number of internships we personally expect to be auctioning off, on the side. This new revenue stream could save the once-new media. Luisa, we are with you.
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