Village Voice EIC Tony Ortega has nothing to do during the weekend but read us. Yay, readers! :) ANYWAY. Ortega made an item out of Ian Speigelman's anti-Nick Denton screed in yesterday's comments. But: irony.

The last person to write an item here tagged with Ortega's name on the site? Oh, you guessed it: Ian ("Village Voice Continues To Collapse," March 29, 2008). Notes Ortega,

"Normally, we would contact Gawker for some sort of comment on this kind of thing. But in this case, it seems best to post first and ask questions later — hey, just like Gawker does it!"

Harsh. Nah, but really, aren't old crunchy media people funny? They still believe in nonsense like paper goods, and that people still think inner-media buttfuckery is worth reading or writing about. Sigh. This is a throwaway item. And no, Ortega, we're not giving you the link. Our readers can Google it if they want.

Update (Not Really): Fine, Tony, we'll give you the twenty hits you'll get from this. You could probably use 'em.

Former Gawker Writer Bemoans The No-Benefits Denton Plan [Dr. Tony Ortega's Sing-a-Long Blog]