PETA, anti-fur jihadists, have finally acquiesced to Bethenny Frankel's constant pleas and are allowing the Housewife of New York to expose her dilapidated inventory to the public in an effort to stop fur-wearing. Bad move!

The premise for these PETA ads are, I guess, that by showing naked people who would rather go nude than wear fur, we will somehow be moved by a tincture of lust and guilt to refrain from buying coyote faces, mink stoles and tiger-upholstered toilet seats. But this whole premise is seriously undermined when the featured nudies in the ads look like Ms. Frankel.

Not to get up close and extremely personal but by appearing naked for the world to see, Ms. Frankel courts this sort of discourse. No one wants to see the sad aging skeletal flint of fury and neuroses naked. She has all the sexual charisma of Madeleine Albright. She might prefer nudity to fur-wearing but we'd prefer her to wear anything—baby seal wetsuit, anaconda sports bra, puppy sweater—than to have her larger-than-life breastplate and ribs billboarded figure towering over us.

PETA, have you learned nothing from the recent torture hullaballoo? Harsh tactics like these only drive their subjects into the enemy camp!