The authorities tried to help kids drink responsibly by putting the exact alcohol content right there on the bottle, but—to their dismay—kids just use this valuable information to get more fucked up:

Wollongong scientists have proven it.

"Participants generally agreed that they notice drink labels and take in account what to purchase and consume. While earlier research with adult beer and alcohol drinkers has shown that standard drink labeling enables them to drink safely and responsibly, this motivation is not evident in the consumption choices with young drinkers and might even be counter-productive", said co-author Professor Sandra Jones from the Centre for Health Initiatives, University of Wollongong.

Yea way to get fucked up with the hottest young things in Wollongong, professor, I bet. So just label the strong drinks weak and the weak drinks strong and then send all your kids to boot camp, problem solved.
[Science Daily. Pic via]