Atheism! It's running rampant all over the place, destroying our country, ripping it to shreds at its very core. And the New York Times is to blame, so says Sean Hannity, man of God.

What sparked Hannity's righteous ire was a recent front page story in the Times on the rise of atheism (Bill Maher noticed it!), so he invited noted liberal media bias chronicler Bernard Goldberg (A New York Times bestselling author notes Hannity, the irony completely lost on him) on as his guest. Goldberg, to his credit, called the Times piece a "perfectly legitimate journalism story," but then turned around and blasted the them for putting it on the front page of the paper, claiming that the only reason they did it is because atheism is "hip in places like Manhattan."

Yes, the ole "run a front page story about atheism to be cool at cocktail parties" trick. That one works every time. Look, New York Times editors needs to get laid too, okay Bernie? Geez!

Thanks to the lovely and gracious Soup for alerting us to the clip.