Oh man, Keith Olbermann took to his nightly airwaves to try and shame CityFile, Wonkette and us for raising questions about his unexplained vacation last April. We're not sorry.

The story that CityFile originally reported was that Olbermann was so upset about the decision by Ben Affleck — who had mercilessly mocked Olbermann on SNL — to appear on Rachel Maddow's MSNBC show that Olbermann wouldn't go back to his Countdown set until the mandarins of NBC News sufficiently kissed his ass.

Earlier today, Olbermann put out a statement that said his sudden vacation was instead due to his mother's death, a subject which, nearly two weeks prior, he very emotionally addressed on his show.

So, here we are. We maintain that Olbermann threw a hissy fit because he felt upstaged by his hand-picked protege; he says we're heartless assholes because he's been in a state of mourning. That would be a fair enough argument, except ... except, it wasn't just CityFile that claimed Olbermann took his unexpected leave of absence. A Gawker source, with intimate involvement with the situation, maintains our version of the story. Olbermann — who, by the way, would be entirely within his rights to say he was taking some time off to attend to his mother's funeral — didn't bring up his mother's death until today.

We sought out MSNBC today to get Olbermann's side, but a spokeswoman offered nothing for the record beyond a previously released statement before he went on his show to slam Gawker and the horrible, horrible blogosphere in his new WTF segment. So much for the journalistic cred of the MSM.

P.S. We've been a fan of you, Keith O. Just please don't be such a touchy jerk. Our condolences for your loss.

Olbermann's entire seven minute speech can be viewed on MSNBC's website.