Today Glenn Beck, Fox News' maniacal dildo, had GM CEO Fritz Henderson on his show. Beck attempted to rope Henderson into his anti-governmentalism, even mocking Obama's "yes we can" slogan along the way, but failed.

Henderson, whose face throughout much of the segment bore the look of a shell-shocked Pilgrim who'd traveled through time to find himself in the middle of a Cirque Du Soleil performance, refused to bite the hook of Beck's crazy-baiting, even going so far as to explain how Beck was so painfully, thoroughly wrong about many of the things he said, including his condemnation of the auto unions.

To his credit, Beck did cop to his penchant for acting "squirrelly" on the air. So I guess we'll describe him as a "squirrelly maniacal dildo" from here on out.

Thanks to Gawker intern Sarah Moroz for catching this clip for us!