If all you newspaper reporters don't stop Twittering every goddamn thing you see, Bill Keller is seriously going to lose his shit. Can you put down the iPhone so we can have a meeting here?

The last time the NYT had a newsroom meeting it was thoroughly Twittered, so yesterday, when Bill Keller gave his newsroom address, he had to lay it out to everybody like "Do you un-der-stand the words that are coming out of my mouth, yo?"

Before we get going, I'm going to say something I perhaps should have said Monday, when we did our digital update in this auditorium...You wouldn't Twitter something you overheard at the coffee cart without asking. [Ed.: OH?] You wouldn't Twitter the Page One meeting (although it would probably get you thousands of followers.) So I'd be grateful if you would lay down your Blackberries and iPhones, and treat this as a conversation among colleagues.

He's being nice this time. But the newspaper Twitter crackdown has arrived. It took, what, six months or so from extremely widespread adoption of the technology until papers were forced to address it? Sounds about right. Besides the NYT's unspoken threats (do NOT make Bill Keller say it out loud), the WSJ put rules in place this week, and a bunch of other papers are dealing with the same issue.A lot of them just say "use your common sense" which, yes, we support that! KEEP TWEETIN, YALL.

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