NBC co-chairman Ben Silverman, half man, half fraternity sergeant-at-arms, has long been a bit of an enigma, and now his "How Does He Have His Job?" quotient is going to skyrocket. You ready for this?

According to Nikki Finke, this "performance" was recorded in 2008 at the Aspen Youth Experience Celeb Ski (Wasn't this part of Dumb and Dumber's plot line?). The video was taken by Rob Morrow and features the harmonica skills of Fisher Stevens, both veterans of this event, which prompts one to wonder...What the hell did Ben Silverman do to piss off Rob Morrow and/or Fisher Stevens to compel one, or both of them, to release this video?

Now, just keep in mind while you're watching this that this guy runs a major American television network. Yeah.

The 38 year-old Silverman, whose penchant for upward professional mobility in the face seemingly endless acts of public jackassery has already reached legendary status, even by Hollywood standards, will probably get appointed by Obama to be Ambassador to Luxembourg or something now.

And the world will spin madly on.

Video clip via Deadline Hollywood via Movieline.