Remember how NPR censored the review of the film Outrage because Larry Craig's sexuality is not as newsworthy as Queen Latifah's? They demand a correction of this story of their asinine behavior!

indieWire and the other outlets that picked up the story misconstrued the timeline of the events, making it sound like Nathan Lee, the film critic whose review was censored, didn't know about the alterations before the story went up. That is not true: he knew NPR would only run a bastardized, censored version of his review, without the names "Larry Craig" and "Charlie Crist," when they informed him of this fact a day after the piece was supposed to go up. At which point Lee asked that his byline be removed and a disclaimer attached.

That seems like a relatively unimportant detail, considering that the larger point—that NPR is proving the film's argument that media outlets are complicit in the hypocrisy of closeted conservatives—but it was apparently worth it to NPR's management to keep this story alive, so the record has been corrected.

And this is still the record: despite plenty of speculation on the sexuality of random pop culture figures, NPR refuses to mention that Larry Craig—who was arrested for soliciting sex from a man in a public restroom—might be gay, in the context of a review of a film about how media outlets refuse to mention that lots of people who legislate against homosexual rights are secretly gay, themselves.

Here is some material from the film Outrage, about how those repressed closeted gay Republicans are totally great at immoral filthy gay homosex.