The Joe Biden relative who isn't named after Obama's dog? He is a rock star! He hangs out in the LES and plays in a band and has at least one tattoo!

This is the Veep's nephew, Jamie Biden, who went to Georgetown and majored in internation relations, of course, but then he moved to New York and started a band! Wait, sorry, then he got a law degree at Fordham and then he started a band! (Is it rockist of us to miss the days when, if a band was going to have college degrees, they'd at least be art degrees?)

This band, "Bloody Social," has not so much as signed with even an indie label, but you can get their songs on the MySpace, and the iTunes, and the singer, who is not a Biden, played a "Rock the Vote" gig, at the inauguration.

Joe's daughter, Ashley, is a coke-snorting party girl, but at least she has a job. She is a coke-snorting social worker! Also there is Beau, who is the Attorney General of Delaware, and Hunter, who is an evil lobbyist. He probably has hundreds more nephews and nieces doing unsavory or savory professional things, because it is an Irish-Catholic family, but who cares about them.

Joe Biden's Gnarly Nephew Rocks to the Rhythm of a Different Strummer [NYO]
[Photo: Patrick McMullan]