Today Carrie Prejean spoke to America and America responded by gritting its teeth and punching itself repeatedly in the genitals. And tonight Keith Olbermann debuted a new segment, which he promptly used to destroy her.

In Olbermann's new "WTF!?!" thing, which looks kind of like his Special Comments segment minus the frothing anger, he fired some pretty harsh rhetorical bombs at her.

Click to viewNow forgive me in advance for being candid, but am I the only person in the world right now who feels even a twinge of sympathy for this girl? I guess it's because I grew up in an area where ignorance and intolerance for gays runs rampant, so I sort of relate to just being blindly stupid at age 21 about so many things outside of the bubble you grow up in, but...well, actually on second thought, strike those comments from the record. Carrie Prejean does deserve to be the subject of intense mockery and ridicule. Please forgive my temporary lapse of clarity. Carry on.