If it makes you feel any better, the new trend is hippies breeding new strains of deadly viruses in their closets:

They're called "Biohackers" as if they were something fresh and cool but really they are just random dangerous 'free thinkers' in college towns who decided to see if maybe they could make a new virus, in their homes, and see what it does?

A "part-time DJ" in Berkeley extracts bacteriophage from sewage and grows it in his attic. A student in Seattle makes "genetically modified algae" in a rickety warehouse in Seattle. And this lady grows E. Coli in her closet in Cambridge and FREAKS OUT the authorities:

Ms. Aull, who lives with a cat and three roommates who are "a little bit weirded out" by her experiments, says the worries are overblown. DIY biologists are trying to "build a slingshot," she says, "and there are people out there talking about, oh, no, what happens if they move on to nuclear weapons?"

Who said it's okay for hippies to have slingshots?