More Carrie Prejean topless photos have emerged, real topless photos, Bob Barker and Betty White are about to kill each other over an elephant, and Nick Cannon is sick of Eminem talking about Mariah.

  • Poor Carrie Prejean just can't catch a break. She's just living her life trying to do right by Jesus and all those assholes with naked pictures of her in their sock drawer keep bringing her down. (TMZ)

  • Now wait a minute...I love Bob Barker. And I love Betty White. So who the hell am I gonna lay a twenty spot on in this one? This is just like that time Fred Rogers and Aunt Bee got into a tiff over the perfect temperature to bake an apple pie. Or something. (BB)

  • Eminem is doing his best to piss off Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey, running around talking about how he wants her "back" and how he loves her and misses giving her golden showers each morning after breakfast. I predict this will end with knifeplay. (People)

  • Well lookee here...Keith Olbermann's girlfriend just got hired at NBC! (Page Six)

  • Kelly Clarkson has packed on a few pounds. (DListed)

  • Madonna is now a Mets fan. Is she boning David Wright too? (Page Six)

  • Bruce Jenner is having plastic surgery and Kim Kardashian is more than happy to blabber about it all over the place. (Daily News)

  • The autopsy performed on Danny Gans' body has been ruled "inconclusive". (Perez)