Movies about driving and TV shows about the internet are just so hot right now. As are Pixar, that Finch guy from that boy movie, and, as always, Antonio Banderas.

Encouraged perhaps by his giggles 'n' dick jokes success on Saturday Night Live (but probably not), movie hut Anchor Bay has picked up distribution rights to Justin Timberlake's little indie drama movie in which a son (Timbz) reconciles with his estranged dad (Jeff "BeeBo" Bridges) at his dead mom's behest. It's called The Open Road, and it's about a soul-searching road trip. Yep. It's one of those. [Variety]

Chris Hardwick, so very late of MTV's Singled Out (and current [?] of Attack of the Show), will be hosting a new show called Web Soup on G4, which is done by the people from The Soup, but is about the internet rather than television. So now you can watch a show on TV that is about the internet. Gurgle. [Variety]

Pixar, which holds the keys to a magical otherworld where everything looks like computers but only opens the door and lets us peek in every year or so, is opening up offices in Vancouver. Vancouver is a place in a country called Canada where most movies are filmed, usually movies that only refer vaguely to "a city." Everyone will be mildly happy and then it will rain and somewhere Doug Coupland will start writing a book about animation. [Variety]

Eddie Kay Thomas, the guy who likes to boff old ladies in those American Pie documentaries, has been cast in a show that sounds more horrible than that first glimpse of puckered, withery elderflesh. It's called How to Make It In America. He'll play a rich former nerd who really still wants to be cool (because that's never been done before). It also costars Bryan Greenberg, that unfortunate hunk of high school bologna from Unscripted and the overly scripted Prime. Hell. This show sounds like hell. [THR]

The likable Matthew Goode has landed a role in the Ricky Gervais/Stephen Merchant dramedy about insurance men Cemetery Junction. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be thankful that Goode's not wearing a skintight nipple suit (or will you?). [THR]

Warner Brothers is hoping that Facebook will make more people want to buy Watchmen on DVD. [THR]

Ryan Seacrest and Jamie Oliver are putting together a reality show in which the Naked Chef helps whole towns not be fat. The first town? Couchville, USA. Population: Me. (I hope) [THR]

Antonio Banderas is making another movie no one will ever see. [Variety]