All the grease-scarred veterans of the Oprah Chicken Riots of '09 know that they were bad. But did you know they were one of the worst marketing disasters of all time?

It's true because Ad Age says so! It's also objectively true, because dig this: KFC still owes six motherfuckin' million people some free chicken! That's how many coupons for free grilled chicken from KFC are still floating around, unfulfilled, because Oprah let down America by associating her holy name with an unsavory chicken purveyor:

By the time KFC realized it wasn't keeping up with demand — and there were 6 million or more coupons outstanding — the chain pulled the plug on the promotion and issued rain checks to consumers willing to go back to a KFC, fill out a form and wait for another coupon to arrive in the mail. They'll be rewarded with a free Pepsi.

Fuck a free Pepsi. How can American chicken eaters ever trust Oprah again?
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