Meghan McCain and Luke Russert act like bratty kids, Jimmy Fallon gets his college diploma, Lily Allen gets herself banned from the BBC for "using rude words," and Ryan O'Neal allegedly phone-sexes while Farrah dies.

  • Meghan McCain got into a spat with security at the White House Correspondents' Dinner because they wouldn't let her friend in without a ticket. And oh, she didn't really care for Wanda Sykes or the temperature in the room or the golden stable where they forced her to keep her pony during the event. (Daily News)

  • Luke Russert was hired by NBC to blog and Twitter and be a "youth correspondent" and whatever and now he's just acting like a bratty 23 year-old who has no business having the job he has. Go figure! (Page Six)

  • After 15 years, Jimmy Fallon finally has a college diploma. (Perez)

  • Lily Allen's potty mouth has led to her being banned by the BBC. (UK Mirror)

  • A woman has filed a restraining order to prevent Ryan O'Neal from begging her for phone sex while his wife, Farrah Fawcett, is dying. (Sun)

  • Joan Rivers is unwavering in her belief that Annie Duke is a Nazi. (E Online)

  • Alexandra von Furstenberg has been dating a much younger guy named...wait for it...Dax! (Page Six)