This year's WHCD was an intensely celebrity-packed affair; Air America's Ana Marie Cox was juicing every moment of the star-studded shindig for all it was worth.

This is the one time of the year when journalists and the like get to (at some point) mingle in dresses and suits with actual! Real-life! Celebrities! from who they're not having to pick up press lines from (hence the irritatingly apropos nickname and Twitter hashtag it's since managed to earn: nerdprom). While some are bound to get a little trigger happy with their autograph book/iPhone camera, Cox - who recently argued for the demolition of the White House Press Corps - took on celebu-headhunting with nothing short of absolute moxie (balls?).

Interview with the Wham!-pire. As twittered: Tom Cruise "admitted that he was eager to come to meet (Obama)." Bam's people'll get back at you with that, Tom. Dap?

From earlier in the day, Cox with Gossip Girl star Chase Crawford. He makes everyone look that good. Seriously.

The Gossip Girl tour of the WHCD continues. "Mission fucking accomplished," Cox reports.

OMB Director Peter Orszag is not Stephen Colbert, but still looks slightly emaciated by AMC's iPhone.

Cox with Obama economic adviser Austan Goolsbee, talkin dollah bills.

I'll just leave this one to her. Ana? "ZOMG ZOMG sigh swoon jon Hamm. #nerdprom totally makes me want to smoke." Us too.

"Secret Service agents NOT AMUSED," Cox tweets. Hard to see why. These guys could stuff the entire WHPCA into a single-serving box of Tide, and have probably thought about doing it, too.