Bros! Been reading Hipster Runoff and Tao Lin. Feel sad now. Like they're free and I'm just a ToKn. Or multicultural metrocard. but my slang and colloquialisms don't get me on the hip-train n-e more.

But sersly yall, been wondering what I should blog about here on the big gawkr stage. What do u think? What would u blog if u were blk on gawkr? Feel like Megan Fox, and don't want to have to prove I'm smarty-ScarJo but maybe I have to? Just want to be real.

Kinda just want to 'lie' about 'a bunch of shit' and call it 'hipster-griftering' and rock out on sum pa$eviews dewd.

Thing is lately, i kinda feel like doo-doo. not like a dark-race-black thing, like I'm 3/5 of a doo-doo or anything. (chill Sharpton!) just like, unsanitarily lethargic, y'know? Feels like i'm whirling in a toylet bowl and n0thing n e 1 can do. Feel like some peeps think i'm too black-core on my blog, yall. i don't know. is obama too black-core? Feel like i blog like he would.

Wondering if i should blog in more mature fashion. Like Ta-Neezy Coats."Ta-Nehisi" sounds real african. Is he from 'frica? Wonder if its better to be from Africa or be African studies major. Wonder if coats name was Jim Gray or Bob Costas if peeps would respect him as much? not many blak peeps who can keep it real but also throw in the social commentary like he does.

Kinda wish I could blog 50x/day like the pros[e!].

(btw, OMG!!: love loves loved colbert taking down that stupid racist. love when the white superstar celebrities get behind the race issue. feel like everyone's kinda united then.)

Just want black people and wyte peeps to understand each other. not even playing yall. have you seen the wire? u should totally netflix it. best show/movie by wyte peeps about black peeps evar. better than crash yall. even tho i do sometimes feel i'm just crashing into peeps.

Oh. Been thinking it's kinda ridoffulous that 'bams is not on twitter yet. ZOMG! if he's prez and not on Twitter, makes me feel i could b prez 2. like when my friend had a white grlfriend and i knew she would b with me 2 if we met b4 they did.

I don't know. just feel i should b further in life since so many blk peeps are still rioting for chicken or calling 9-1-1 over mcnuggets. is that wrong and racist to feel i m better than them? alwayz feel i have 2 rap to peeps to get them 2 understand me. just want david simons to wryte something shakespearean about my life u know? think i have 'the goods'.

Anyrace. not gonna bore yall with that n e more. This weekend is gonna be real hipster on WTAN, tho. Hipsters don't care about race. think i can relax. Coming up: we've got a Hipster Sensibility Matrix with Tao Lin on blurbage, an Assimilator on this possibly-fake hipster reality show casting call, hoping for Blog Media Bingo with Carls from Hipster Runoff, and maybe some other trix.

Feel this Blak-peeps blgging on Gawker could be big though. Like civil rights meaningful-core, Animal Collective-on-Letterman epic-beowulfian huge. So glad they were on the show cause i want to end my intro posts by tossing it to 'the band', even tho there isn't really a band in the blog, but still want it 2 b meaningful when i say 'here's this weekend's band'. so now i can post that vid and have it mean something.

Just want it to mean something when i blog yall.

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