Dr. Henry Kissinger, who is the sort of man who has protégés, hosted a book party for one named Joshua Cooper Ramo. Sadly for Hank, Ramo's book is largely about thinking Kissinger is super wrong.

The New Yorker was there and writes that "The Age of the Unthinkable" is a lot about how dumb governments have been solving problems up until now. Tough to argue with. Says Ramo:

"Dr. Kissinger's summary," he said, "after reading my book, was, ‘My understanding from reading this book is that you have complete contempt for me.' As an employee, it's kind of a conversation-ender, but I've done my best to recover from that."

Kissinger, who nonetheless was full of high praise for "young Joshua" admitted as much: "It has one basic theme that is a little difficult for me, which is that my generation is sort of a bunch of dodos, that we stagger through life with just one idea in our minds, which on top of it, is hugely wrong. We don't have the perception to look at the multiplicity of events that the modern generation experiences."

I think this is the same reason my dad doesn't understand The Word segment of the Colbert Report. TV moves too fast! Let's all agree to never change our minds!

Speaking of, here's accused war criminal Kissinger on the Colbert Report hamming it up with Pete Frampton and Stephen. A friend on the show told me that during the taping of this segment, Colbert tried to convince Kissinger to say "Where are my pancakes? I was promised pancakes," but Kissinger refused. A shame!

(Fun flashback: Elliot Spitzer is in the video too! Headier times. He probably reeked of sex.)