Oh, shock, the White House just fired Louis Caldera, the guy who authorized last month's exciting unannounced Ground Zero plane-buzzing.

Caldera, Clinton's Secretary of the Army and Obama's director of the White House Military Office, has "resigned," before the "review" of the whole fuckup even finished!

All he did was have a 747 circle the financial district, trailed by fighter jets, for the sake of a photo-op, while knowing full well that that would cause a panic. And then he ordered everyone briefed on the flyover to keep it secret from the public, for fun! Oh, how New York laughed, that morning.

Hey, what time is it? It is late Friday afternoon! So we will probably even get the photo of not-Air Force One going all North by Northwest on Lady Liberty by, say, 5!

Update: Or by 4:25, either way! Here is the photo of Air Force One, on an ugly-looking day, flying over a brown river, with a background of beautiful Jersey City. Yeesh. You guys couldn't touch this up a bit? Make it look like the panic was worth it? Hah, no, because this was a stupid idea for a photo op to begin with.

[Photo: BMcCluskeyNYC]