If Johanna Justin-Jinich hadn't taken "Sexual Diversity in Society" at New York University in 2007, she might be alive today. Her ex-classmate, Stephen Morgan, is in custody after allegedly shooting her at Wesleyan University's bookstore.

Morgan had reportedly planned a shooting spree on campus targeting Jewish students, according to journals found in his car near the site of the shooting. But where did his obsessive targeting begin?

Justin-Jinich called NYU campus police after receiving 38 threatening emails from Morgan. Among his choice words: "[You're] going to have a lot more problems down the road if you can't take any fucking criticism, Johanna." Or this: "That is absolutely ridiculous! What is going through your fucking head?" Justin-Jinich did not press charges, and the university dropped the matter.

There always seems to be one creepy guy in gender-studies classes who seems to be there more to target his prey than expand his consciousness. Sexual Diversity seems to be a standard offering at NYU and though Justin-Jinich was enrolled in the summer 2007, a syllabus for a previous class gives a sense of pretty good sense of what was covered. It mentions the "intractable nature/nurture debate." Essay question: What made Justin-Jinich's killer snap?