Had an awesome week? Whatever. It was not as totally awesome as the week of Twittering Facebook chanteuse Randi Zuckerberg (of the Mark Zuckerberg Zuckerbergs). Except for the part where Julia Allison stalked her!

Since her brother, Facebook's Aspergerian CEO, is incapable of normal interactions with people on camera (or off), Randi has taken on the role of the face of Facebook. So her people arranged a whirlwind tour of the nation's media capital: 30 Rock! CBS! Good Morning America! MTV! Colbert!

She capped the day off with a "private" dinner with Ms. Magazine founder Gloria Steinem (of the Gloria Steinem Steinems). Private, that is, except for a certain notorious nobody who crashed the affair: Julia Allison, the vaguely employed former dating columnist, celebrity microblogger, and nontrepreneur. (Randi once popped in between her brother and Allison to prevent a shot of the two side by side from circulating on the Internet. Allison has since expertly employed guilt to worm her way into Randi's circle and extract professional favors from her employer.)

The two were all smiles during a photo op with Steinem. Oh, and then Allison "randomly" bumped into her at the MTV offices the next morning. One can't help thinking that the experience left Randi smarting. She seemed downright testy after an altercation with a bouncer at Manhattan nightclub Apothecary, even threatening to abuse the power of her position to erase the hotspot from the social graph:

(Photo by Julia Allison, naturally)