Right-wing ideologues were apparently allowed inside CBS to help drive Dan Rather from his job. So maybe it's no surprise he helped the Daily Show mock Fox News conservatives tonight.

Rather's segment, a mock report about Richard Nixon eating a burrito in 1973 (clip below), keyed off Sean Hannity's slam of Barack Obama for requesting "spicy mustard... or a Dijon mustard" on his cheeseburger the other day.

It's awesome that Rather went along with this, not only because he actually was a TV journalist in 1973, but also because his Laugh-In delivery style provides a nice break from the fake-news-show's relentless (if smart) sarcasm. If this fake news up-and-comer plays his cards right, maybe he actually make a name for himself inside a vaunted news organization with unquestioned dominance over the industry (Comedy Central).

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Nixon Has a Burrito
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[via E&P]