The Way We Live Now: At the bottom of a bucket metaphor. GM is burning up the money we all gave it as fast as humanly possible. Bread lines are lengthening. But something's still selling:

I'm no "expert" on economics, but isn't all those billions we gave to GM a little bit like trying to fill up a bucket with a big hole in the bottom? Today the company said its cash reserves are "dwindling." As in "we are just burning that shit, in huge piles." GM's cash stockpiles are disappearing at the rate of $113 million per day. Well I'm sure it's worth it, whatever they're doing with it!

Better that GM have it, than, say, the increasing number of residents of our nation's capital who line up at a church every day to get free food, so they do not starve to death. They would just eat it right up!

Idea for our government: instead of giving billions to money-losing corporations, why not invest that money in something that will appreciate in value, like antiques? There are literally dozens of antiques lying around the White House at this very moment. The rich are still bidding up the prices of fancy old furniture, on the theory that hey, at least you can sit on it if all else fails.

And who can blame them? It's either antiques, or medieval torture devices. And GM is determined to get those tongue-removal pincers at any cost.