Barack Obama has already sent subtle signals that the Feds have no interest in prosecuting medical marijuana distributors. Now Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to "study" legalizing marijuana in California. Weed money is too good to resist!

Arnold's just talking about a legalize-and-tax plan in California, okay, but read the seeds and stems, people:

Pressure to mend the state's fractured budget along with growing public support of marijuana legalization moved him to support such a study, Mr. Schwarzenegger said.

Seriously, "Public support" has been high enough for quite a while, if the political will had been there, but it wasn't. The money issue is going to make it happen. Shit, you think the lottery brings in good revenue? Just wait until California starts charging, I don't know, a 20% tax on weed sales, in exchange for not putting you in jail? Everyone would be only too happy to pay! The state estimates it could make well over $1 billion per year in taxes, and that would only grow as the best and the brightest weed wholesalers flocked to Cali and really got their marketing going.

Hey, poor governments will resort to making money from drug sales, just like poor people. Republicans learned something today!
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