Hipster Grifter Kari Ferell's in jail. So she can now safely become a folk hero. FreeKari.com is up and taking donations! The dude who turned her in is under assault from commenters! America loves villains.

When Kari was out running the streets it was actually cooler not to like her, since anyone could be the NEXT VICTIM. But now that she's locked in the belly of the beast, she's the perfect antihero! TV news shows are already bulling their way into the story, to hilarious effect. Oh TV news, your overdone ominous tone only makes the self-styled counterculture embrace her more!

And what about this kid, Tremble (HEH), the one who snitched her out to the cops? Since snitching someone out to the cops is not even a permitted option for a "reporter" *cough* such as myself, I conveniently am not forced to have an opinion. Although many of you do, and that opinion is he is a hero, or a fucking bitch! One or the other. A funnier point that was totally subsumed by the SNITCH uproar was this: Kari Ferrell even lied about getting arrested. She said she turned herself in. Lie! Lying to the end!

Just how a hipster antihero should be. There's no such thing as a "hipster," but there is such a thing as a "grifter," and she's one. The Kari Ferrell game is just getting started, people. It's out of our hands now. The Hipster Grifter story rushed from Vice to the Observer to us to Animal and now it's hit the MAINSTREAM, and once it's there, there's no going back. There's no controlling it. She's hotter than an Amazon Firefighter. Learn to love it.

[Thanks to anon tipster for Kari's artistic business card, front and back]