Last night at the Four Seasons there was a roast for its owners, restaurateurs Julian Niccolini and Alex von Bidder. It ended with PR demon Peggy Siegal calling Nora Ephron's son "a horrible person." Fun!:

The NYT demurely says that when Peggy Siegal got up to speak at the roast, she "veered toward promotional limits by reciting a lengthy roster of her greatest publicity events at the Four Seasons." We hear her speech was so long and terrible and self-absorbed that the room went quiet, and Page Six boss Richard Johnson started booing and hissing and eventually walked out in disgust.

Whose fault was this disaster? It was the fault of Jacob Bernstein, Nora Ephron's son, of course, because he did nothing to stop Peggy from making an idiot out of herself. She told Nora Ephron so!:

From: Peggy Siegal
To: [Nora Ephron]
Sent: Tue May 05 22:00:16 2009
Subject: Tonight/50 Anniversary of The Four Seasons/ roaster is chop liver.

Your son is a horrible person. Horrible. He read my non-roast for Julian and Alex- two men I barely know. He did not beg me to edit out all the boring self aggrandising bullshit...he merely told me do not make it about me and I gave a history of every event I ever did at The Four Season...Richard Johnson actually hissed....and I even gave him a short out...I am beyond the beyond sick. Your idiot son is howling - drooling- thinking he is so much smarter than me and half my age. How did you raise him? He is chocking on his saliva and I don't care. xoxo Peg

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