According to a source close to the Kennedys, Caroline Kennedy stopped her race for Hillary Clinton's seat because her daughter Rose told her, "Mom, you are above this." Right.

Sure, Caroline certainly did think she was "above" the messy particulars of becoming a US Senator from New York, and no doubt her children were mortified that there'd be a bit more scrutiny of the family, but come on.

Has it been so long that we've forgotten how this actually came crashing down? When it became incredibly apparent that no one wanted her and that it'd be political suicide for Paterson to appoint her, at which point he made up for mind for her and told Fred Dicker at The Post that Caroline was withdrawing from the race? Or, you know, it was her kids advice, it could've been that, too. (It is kind of amazing in this story that is simultaneously about how Caroline Kennedy thought she deserved the seat because of her name and ALSO about how David Paterson never showed her the respect she deserves because of that name. Whatever.)

But more importantly, it was all Teddy's fault to begin with, because he is pretty sure the Senate always needs to have at least one Kennedy in it. Sadly, Caroline was the last good Kennedy.

And oh, god, Ted's nephew Joe is proof that there are not any good Kennedys left. He is all "oh Caroline has so much money and oh I hate my aunt" and he wears "custom-made cowboy boots," because that makes sense for a Kennedy, right?

Anyway. This is all from a new book about Ted. There is an Annie Leibovitz photo.