Finally, Hipster Grifter Kari Ferrell is going to be famous! Dateline NBC is working on a story about her. Her notoriety has trickled upwards! And Philly is crazy for the Grifter and her "sexual propositions"!

I mean we can only imagine how dark and foreboding a Dateline segment would be, but for pure hilarity, it will not be able to match the local news stations in Philly:

Salt Lake City Police helped turn Ferrell into an internet celebrity after posting a video online seeking the public's help. The charismatic suspect allegedly bilked victims out of cash by offering sexual propositions

Haha she is basically a sophisticated hooker tracked down by the heroic SLCPD, as far as they're concerned in Philly! Seriously please watch this CBS news report, it is priceless.

And the Utah papers are ready for her already! Dramatic jailhouse interviews TK.