Ayelet Waldman is smugly married to Michael Chabon and wrote about how fucking her husband is more fun than dealing with her kids, which, let's hope so, right? She's written a book about her pain!

See, there was a passionate outcry against Waldman's 2005 NYT essay on how "when I catch a glimpse of my husband from the corner of my eye - his smooth, round shoulders, his bright-blue eyes through the magnification of his reading glasses - I fold over the page of my novel" and fuck him, while not thinking about her four kids. So she had to write a book, called "Bad Mother," which is provocative! Let's hear what she has to say, shall we?


Okay, we read this whole profile of her and there's really nothing that obnoxious about her save for the fact that she wrote a fucking "Mommy" book in the first place, and her previous infractions like sending one of America's smuggest post-inauguration emails, and of course oversharing about her sex life which set her on this path to begin with, but look, she likes to fuck her husband, Michael Chabon, a lot, and playing with her kids she thinks is okay and everything, but not really in the same league as fucking her husband, Michael Chabon, and if she feels that way, that's her right. She likes to fuck Michael Chabon, period, deal with it.
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