Google is reportedly flooded with Yahoo résumés. We'd recommend an overtly modest approach to anyone who scores an interview: Google has lately been brutal in handling presumptuous, entitled transplants.

At least, that's the impression Googler Steve Yegge left when describing still-cushy working conditions at the search giant. The former coder is based at Google's Kirkland, Washington campus, home to any number of refugees from the online bookstore and from Microsoft, right next door in Redmond.

There, the Googlers complained about the particulars of the free sweets, a sort of brazen entitlement that Yegge conceded, in an interview with ex-Microsoftie Joel Spolsky and software entrepreneur Jeff Atwood, was "kind of an issue."

At its Mountain View headquarters, Googlers now deal with those sorts of problems ruthlessly, using the tried and true tactic of public shame: A staffer who recently griped in an all-hands meeting about the dwindling supply of free food was booed in front of — and by — his coworkers (Yegge sets the scene in the attached clip).

Thanks to the recession, Google can dispense this sort of tough love to staff and still attract plenty of fresh talent, stock performance be damned. For that much it can be grateful. But Googlers should be careful who they jeer. The cream of the company will always have the chance to jump to sexier competitors.

(Clip via Stack Overflow podcast)