The story of the Hipster Grifter is finally winding down. She's in jail awaiting extradition. Today's last bits of news are Doree Shafrir's update, and this clip of Kari offering spelunking in her "cavernous vagina."

Doree, who made Kari Ferrell what she is today, gets a little insight on the next legal step from Kari's bail bond agent:

"She has the option to waive extradition. If she does that, then she's saying, `Yeah, I have charges in another state.' If she chooses to fight it and waive extradition, she'll go through the Philadelphia process and it's hell. She'll just do extra time."

I imagine she'd want to get out of Philly just like everyone else! Why not just go straight to SLC and save herself all that time in Philly lockup? Alas, why she went there to surrender remains a mystery. As does her offer of spelunking facilities. The world will have to wait...and wonder.