Oh, good, Oprah is going to give Jenny McCarthy a talk show, because she wants your kid to die of the measles.

McCarthy, a famous celebrity from the long-defunct Playboy magazine and much missed MTV channel, has been on a crusade to find an evildoer responsible for her son's autism. She settled on vaccines, because why not. And now she spends a great deal of time on TV explaining that the mercury that has not been vaccines since 1999 is giving all the kids autism, but it can be cured with Chelation therapy, which has so far only killed one or two autistic kids, so good on you, Jenny.

So famous TV empress Oprah Winfrey signed Jenny to a multi-year multi-platform deal that will include a syndicated talk show. The show will be called "Finding Someone to Blame When Bad Things Happen."

Through her work and the work of idiots like her, she's added a new wrinkle to the class struggle in California: whereas throughout history it was the poor kids who died of preventable diseases all the time, now there are pockets of well-off kids getting measles because their parents decided to play it the opposite of safe.