Did you know that the GOP agenda killed football hero Jack Kemp? It's true, according to eventual Democrat Arlen Specter!

Kemp, who dies this weekend of cancer, was the first and last Buffalo Bills quarterback in history to win a championship. He was also a noted spokesman for dudes elected to higher office because they're famous already and willing to spout patent disagreeable nonsense in a palatable fashion. He was 73.

And Arlen Specter said something about how Nixon declared "war on cancer" back in 1970 but the government has not funded research enough, since then, which is why Jack Kemp is dead now. This doesn't seem to be really the same as saying "the conservative movement killed Jack Kemp," and it also seems like there has certainly been lots of money for cancer research, and it also seems like bullshit coming from a guy who still doesn't support a public insurance heath care plan.

Anyway. Please elect him again Pennsylvania he will do anything!