We hear OK! Magazine has laid off creative director Sean Bumgarner, #3 on its masthead. This follows a weekend full of shakeups. What is going on over there? Grasping desperately at shrinking market share, probably!

Already OK!'s entire staff is suffering the indignity of telling a consultant all about what they do, so she can decide who to fire. And they've gotten a new editor to lead them into the great beyond—Beyond success, into a different land, is where they're going.

Supposedly the new plan for OK is to become, quote "like 'Elle Weekly.'" Which, let's face it, means absolutely fucking nothing, and even if it did mean something, it would not mean anything for OK!, which is nothing like Elle. (Actually it means that OK's publisher used to work at Elle. Bingo.)

More broadly, the celebrity magazine market is shrinking, and the weaker players are going to be shrunken right out of existence, and OK! is one of the weaker players. But perhaps this "Elle Weekly" thing is just what the world has been waiting for. We'll see!