The Boston Globe will not be shutting down just yet. The paper came to enough of an agreement with most of its unions to avoid immediate closure. They're still at war with the journalists, though:

Basically the NYT Co. cut deals with six of the seven unions at the paper, and issued a statement saying they won't be "making a filing today" to shut the place down. The one union that they didn't come to an agreement with: the Guild, representing the newsroom.

The Guild actually did come up with the $10 million in cuts the company asked for; but they wouldn't give up the lifetime job guarantees for almost 200 employees, which the company says is an absolute necessity.

So! Our outside take: the company was dishonest by saying they just wanted the 10 mil in cutbacks, when they really wanted the lifetime guarantees too; the union does have a leg to stand on, because they got those guarantees in earlier negotiations in exchange for giving up other rights; but then again, lifetime guarantees are just not realistic these days, and they'll have to give them up eventually anyhow, so whatever.