Friday we wondered: is Deborah Perez, who claims her dad was the Zodiac Killer, some sort of wacko? Now it appears the answer is "Yes, a big one."

Because how can the Zodiac Killer be her dad if JFK was also her dad?!?

I checked her out as much as I could and she seemed to have a good standing. Then she called one day and told me she was JFK's illegitimate child and was with Robert and Rose Kennedy the day before Robert was murdered. And that's when I stopped talking to her. I felt duped at that point. The chances of her being the Zodiac's daughter are a million to one—the chances of her being both JFK's daughter and the Zodiac's daughter are a gazillion to none. I feel sorry for Debbie. I really do.

Zodiac Killer: still enough of a mystery to make movies about. And the nation breathed a sigh of relief.
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