What's deposed Portfolio editor Joanne Lipman been up to since her magazine folded, besides lying about not reading this website? Partying, vacation planning, and blaming others!

Joanne, who never really got along with her staff, didn't go to the after-folding drinks with the riff-raff, but she is having her own mag death drinks at her place soon. But still not inviting the riff-raff! Hey, she's also been joking around. Check out these back-to-back zingers in an interview with Newsweek:

What two things would you do differently, if you had a second go at launching Portfolio?
Lipman: I can only give one-to launch in a better economy.

When did you realize that the closing was inevitable?
Lipman: That point never came.

Ha! When it comes to jokes, go big or go home, amirite? Anyhow she says she's planning a vacation, but I don't know why, since she apparently lives in quite a nice bubble already: "I don't read Gawker," she told Page Six."It's kind of like Twitter: a time suck and mostly useless."
It's true! She could add "although also run by a tyrannical leader, still in business."