In your fuzzy Friday media column: Fuzzy futures for newspapers, fuzzy-headed football fans delight, fuzzy math from the NYT Co., and other fuzz-related items:

Bad newspaper news daily roundup: The Washington Post's ad revenue fell by a third in the first quarter; the Chicago Tribune newsroom is pissed off that the marketing side was surveying readers about coming stories; and layoffs at Poynter, the institute for excellent journalismism! Excellence is now too expensive.

The head of the AP says he's gearing up for a big fight with Google News, over stealing news content for free. Somebody's gotta do it, right? Just pay em something, Google. The sushi budget. Anything.

There was some fear that the NFL Network might "go dark" on Comcast today as its contract expired, but have no fear: the NFL Network will not go dark. Just imagine what could have happened with no NFL Network here in the off-season. the new website where you can go to read about the DC press corps. Hopefully it's very scathing, or what's the point?

The NYT Co's last minute math error in its negotiations with the Boston Globe reportedly has the reporters there now disbelieving everything the company says, right down to how much money the paper's losing. Hey guys, it's a moot point. Slightly less terrible performance is not enough to save you.